The Industries Most

Advanced Tools

Licensed Drone Pilots

Steep, Tile, Metal,

Two Story Roofs?

Over 58% of Modern Homes Are Two Stories Or More!

Most inspectors won’t walk on steep, tile, metal or 2-story roofs. This leaves them to inspect the roof coverings and components from the ground or roofs edge. According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Survey of Construction two story homes are becoming the norm. As licensed drone pilots, our inspectors can get within inches of these hard to reach areas. Our reports show you exactly what’s going on with your roof filmed in 4k high-resolution video. Dont miss out on one of the most important portions of you home inspection.

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Let Us Find What The Others Can't

Infrared thermovision image showing lack of thermal insulation on House
Thermal Imaging

Moisture Behind Walls,

Overheated Electrical Components

We include thermal imaging as a standard feature with every inspection. With our state-of-the-art equipment, we can quickly and easily detect areas with missing insulation, leaks, moisture, and overheated electrical components that may be invisible to the naked eye. This allows us to provide you with a more comprehensive report, giving you the valuable insights you need to make informed decisions about your home.

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Stop Moisture And Potential Fires Before They Happen

Digital Foundation Measurements

Let Us Check Your Foundation

With Digital Accuracy

At 5 Point Inspections, we believe that a thorough inspection should include more than just a visual examination of the property. That’s why we offer free digital foundation measurements with every inspection. These measurements allow us to locate current foundation issues, as well as provide a set of base measurements in case of future movement. By establishing a baseline, we can monitor any changes in the foundation over time, giving you the information you need to make informed decisions about repairs or upgrades.

Included FREE With Any Home Inspection

The Days Of Rolling A Ball Across The Floor Are Over!