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Post Storm Inspection

Following any major storm including wind driven rain or long freezing temperatures will often be a long list of damaged items. A post storm inspection is for that exact reason. Our inspectors come out to your property and complete a detailed report, explaining the condition of the home and the extent of the repairs. This report can be sent directly to your insurance agency to help speed up the process and get your home back to normal. 


Faster Insurance Claims

With our detailed report, you will be able to quickly send one .pdf to your insurance agency that covers all of the storms damage. This makes the process go much faster and gets you paid quicker.

Prevent Further Damage

Addressing the issues a storm has caused helps bring attention to what might otherwise be noticed items. For example a frozen interior pipe with a small leak could cause serious issues if untreated.

Whats Inspected?

A post storm inspection covers any areas that may have been affected by the storm. This can include gutters, roof coverings, attics, walls, windows and even plumbing.